Dictionary of terms in online slot machines

Are you looking for the best slot gacor online casino? Then you are in the right place! Today we do not leave you one, but a whole list of the best slot casinos for this 2022. In addition, if you are a new player, you are even luckier! Well, we will explain everything you need to know about this casino game. Our mission is to teach you to play online casino games, and in this one in particular, about slots. These iconic machines in any casino both physical and virtual are super attractive.

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Coin size

This is the minimum amount of real money investment that you must make in order to play in the slot.


It is when you get a winning play. These plays vary depending on the type of slot you play.

Maximum bet

It is also known in many slot machines as “Max BET”. This is the maximum amount that can be wagered in the game. Currently, most slot machines have a button to reach the maximum value. It is a good option to use in progressive jackpot slots.

Progressive jackpot

We know it as slot joker Jackpot. It is a feature of many casino games where the prize accumulates as players play and lose. The winner takes what is accumulated in the machine at the time of winning. They are an excellent option to earn a lot without investing so much money.

Pay line

It is the combination that you must make in the slot in order to win. These lines can award you prizes, multipliers, jackpots, or real money.

Random number generator

It is known as RNG. This is a technical point of slot machines. The software the casinos use to generate random numbers, thus generate a single print run. Having a machine tell you which RNG it uses guarantees the fairness and transparency of the game.

Reels, rollers, drums or boxes

Reels refer to traditional physical slots. In addition, although they have different names, they all refer to the strip of images, numbers or symbols. These ones rotate during the spin and determine whether you win.

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Pay table

This is an important and graphic point in the game. It is usually on top of the machine or to the side. In addition, in it you will be able to find all the possible combinations that you must obtain to win.


Known as scatter symbols, they are an advantage that the online casino gives you. Well, they are special symbols that activate winning combinations that are not on the table.

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Author: Willie West